Show time


What I really enjoy is having him to watch all my favorite shows with. Okay not all, but we watch a lot of shows and films together. It’s fun. A couple that works out and that watches a series together..stays together?

(we don’t workout together, both lazy)

So we started Squid Game last night..the one that’s getting all the rave reviews. I’m hearing things like 10/10, mind blowing, extra ordinary. I don’t usually succumb to “peer pressure” or even social media pressure but somehow, got attracted to this one. Also, it’s the first Korean show that I’m watching. The first episode done with – I am waiting for him to get back home so that we can resume!!

Also watching Bigg Boss 15 together. Thank God he likes BIGG BOSS. I never miss any season and it’s just better if you watch it with someone in the same room. I don’t enjoy online watch parties, it’s distracting.

I have a habit. I keep hitting the Pause button to explain something to him that I assume he hasn’t understood. I feel he humours me by listening to my explanation and theories.

Chalo, I’m going to get back to my reading. There’s no latest of me to share with you today. I didn’t take any selfie today 😬🤯

See ya tomorrow :*


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