Karwachauth 2021

Fasting on Karwachauth for the long life of this person I’m married to is the only illogical thing that I happily & willingly do.

I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. Example: Every night, before getting in the bed, I’ve to do certain things in my kitchen otherwise ‘something will go wrong’. It’s not much – takes just a few seconds. But, even if I come back to the kitchen 5 minutes after doing this ritual, I’ve to do it again. Because, you know.

Anyway. So, if not eating or drinking from sunrise to moonrise ‘guarantees’ (hopefully) that my husband will stay healthy, why the hell would I not do it? Lol. So yeah. That’s the only reason I do it. Not because it makes sense to me. A million things don’t make sense to me. But there are a few things you do, out of dumb love and belief. Also – it’s fun channeling my inner Tulsi Virani, once in 365days.


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