I have started caring about myself.

At the moment, I don’t have anything on my mind except that I want to color my hair, go and get some sun and just be in my sporadic zen mode. My mind, this brain – it needs a break. I am the overthinking type. That is a type, the category of people that are empathetic, highly sensitive, and basically sparse *wink-wink*

Self-praise alert. Well, got to get used to it.

So let’s talk about the plan for today. Since I am here at my parents’ place for a week, I plan to do this thing that should be high on the agenda for a lot of people from time to time. It’s a big fat NOTHING. Well, my nothing includes a decent amount of reading, a considerable time spent on watching some shows I enjoy, having mugs of tea with my mother, watching comedy shows with both mom and dad, and eating good food. By good food, I mean the food that makes my soul happy and not necessarily the weighing scale. “Nothing” also includes at least 30 minutes of some sort of physical exercise. (I heard that snigger.)

“Nothing” also includes – meditation. I want to start. I want to practice Yoga, breathing techniques and meditation. A bit of it…for starters. Something is telling me it’s essential right now. So I will start looking up videos on YouTube and make a playlist. These are some simple plans for my week ahead. I hope you have a nice one too.  There’s got to be some excitement in the air, besides these unwanted pollutants, and we have to create our own joy.

A selfie shot at home on one of my happy evenings.

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