Someone sent a beautiful picture of a friend to me tonight, this friend who left the world in May 2021. She had Covid. She couldn’t beat it.

I saw the picture, a picture of this girl who looked so full of life and promise. Radiant, smiling, and a heart bursting with nothing but love.

The picture was taken in December 2017…at a party a day before my wedding. It was my mehendi ki raat and Nabila was a part of my tribe. My supporter, my friend.

The thing is..I keep wishing I could go back to this day…and hug you so tight for being there. I never did then. I can never do it now.

They say time heals all wounds…but is that right? Yeah it’s not always on the mind. But whenever an image of yours flashes in front of my eyes, there’s regret. You didn’t get the kind of love you deserved. I’m sorry. But there’s also this feeling of awe. The way you smiled. Always. The way you tried to hide pain. Always. You were beautiful, Nabz. Meet me again…

I’ll never forget you.


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