Do the stories tell the real story after all? Heck, they are called “stories” for a reason. Yet, we deduce the well-being of someone close or an acquaintance by flipping through the life they choose to share on social media. It is “social” media. It is not the complete truth, for sure. It could be a total lie as well. It’s like being at a party. We don’t start talking about our troubles and random shit to new people or even known ones, right. You put on a face. Ugh, no wonder I am not too fond of social dos. I love it if I find someone who speaks their heart and mind out honestly though. It’s rare but can happen. So yeah, I haven’t rejected the idea of meeting people completely… yet.

A lot of people share things for a certain validation. No judgment, I do too. If each heart that you get brings a smile to you, it’s only good. But if the lack of hearts/likes makes you feel under-valued/not cool enough, stop feeling that way right there. People just have no taste :p

Someone may constantly share their selfies (me,me,me), while someone may share where they are eating/drinking/ what they are buying. Someone may display that they got something of an expensive brand. The thought bubble goes “Show off..”. Maybe they are just seeking some sort of validation. There is always a thought behind an action. I feel, we are mostly trying to tell ourselves that we have arrived hahah. It’s comforting.

Celebrities can afford talented make-up and hair artists, we can afford filters. So why not? It’s just nice to post a decent photograph of yours online and receive love throughout the day, each time you log in! Why shy away? Post away! Remember, lack of likes is lack of taste of the crowd that is following you. 

Anyway, I deviated from what I actually meant to say when I started writing this post. So coming back to that. Stories that you see online are only a glimpse into someone’s life and sometimes even that is twisted reality. You cannot know if the person is doing well just by seeing a happy quote or a party-video on their feeds. “But she seemed fine on Insta”. Are you serious?

I am not talking about the Millenials but most of us grew up around real human contact. We had telephones that we used to “talk” and not text. I remember speaking on the phone with my best friend from school after coming back from school! Everyday. And almost all of us had such bonds at some point of time. We had people we talked to daily.. random, inane, bullshit. But profoundly comforting. Now, we see their stories and assume our friend is doing just fine. Or she’s busy. Or she may feel weird if I call. Or he may misinterpret my intention if I randomly try to talk to him. I mean…we are so okay and used to this limited interaction of dropping hearts and ending it there. Being in touch is equivalent to a ‘reaction’ to their stories. They react, either with a lol emoji, or a heart, a thumbs up..or anything, and you respond back with a heart. On a good day, you may exchange a few words too.

Did you notice how we end conversations now? Not with a proper, “Ok bye, talk to you soon”. It just ends. Why does it just end like that? Because you suddenly decided to flip through another application on your phone. Hopping from Instagram to Facebook (yes, people still are quite active there, it’s not dead yet) and Twitter.

Another thing I observed. People are different on different apps. Your friend may have three different personalities – one for each application. It all depends on the audience. There are a few who are similar on all three. Twitter is for sharing your opinions however bold they may be, you might not share the same on Facebook because too many relatives. OH and In-laws. I see so many women talking openly about their in-law woes on Twitter but super guarded on Facebook. It’s funny.. oh even I would not share the things I talk about on Twitter on Facebook! People tend to scrutinize your words; even people with jobs!

Why did she say what she did. I love it! I love making someone think/over-think and get itchy curious about my life. The games people play on social media. Addictive.

And then there are days when you just uninstall. That is important. Take a break from this drama when it gets a bit much. I say there has to be a balance. Take social media as a break. It cannot be the first thing you check in the morning. It cannot be the last either. It cannot be the thing you do when you meet other people. It cannot be the priority. The moment it does, de-activate.

Read a book. Watch a documentary. Pet a dog. Cook a meal. And of course, make money.

Don’t forget to share what you are reading though! It reminds me to get off Instagram and pick up my unfinished books. 


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