Happy – no matter what.

December 26th, 2021.

Christmas done, 4th Anniversary done, everything said and done – I don’t want to sit and write about the year gone by. As they say, let the bygones be bygones. Move on. That’s the mood right now. I am letting go, comfortably and wholeheartedly. No malice – no grudge. HAHA, easier said than done. But at least, an intention is what leads to action.

I have excitement in my heart and in my body for the new year – 2022. A joke is doing the rounds that 2022 is 2020-too. Something on those lines. How was 2020 ?! It’s history.

I just muted some astrologer on the timeline who predicted something sort of morbid for 2022. #TurnOff. Why would you say such things?

Anyway, I am going to keep the excitement alive. I am in the age when no plans for the new year’s eve mean party for my soul. 

Got to rush, going out for lunch. Might catch you in the new year or maybe once more in 2021. See ya.

– Dip


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