Ellipses …

Foggy, cloudy, stuck.

Side effects of this variant of Covid? It’s my second week as an infected person and I’m recovering at home with my husband.

The first four days were excruciatingly irritating. I even had a meltdown on the new year’s eve. But then, the calender changed the date to January 1 and I decided to change the way I was reacting to being unwell.

& I started recovering faster. My favourite music and books, chai and laughter – they have been the biggest antidotes.

This morning I woke up slightly different. For a moment, I felt it was another time, another era…where everything had started afresh and there was no disease. I was feeling healthier too.

Not feeling the same right now but then, it was a good feeling while it lasted. This loop…that needs to break now, is not forever. It will break sooner or later..and we will look back at this time and wonder how we managed.

I have a feeling the worst is over.

Daydreaming of simpler times. I’ll tell you..


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