Thank God It’s February


January, the month that does not exist for me, is over and I am thrilled. It is still cold but I am better just because it is February – which means it will stop being this cold soon. Soon!

People who love winters – stop making a face. To each his own. In my case, sun and sweat any day over the shivering spine. I just had my chai, myyyy chaaaii (which is epic, only when I make it for myself.) and ~slightly hungover you~ is playing in the background.

So what’s new? I am a gram or two lighter, nothing else. And that is enough to make me happy today. At least it did not increase, I have been eating chocolates! It just works for my mood. I don’t lose my temper when I eat a bite daily. I have been having this chocolate almost daily since a month and I have not gained any weight. So I believe it’s safe. What a wonderful thing…

We are watching Dexter these days, just started. Yeah I know old show, had not seen it. It’s apparently in the Top 10 list of the best series made so far. If you have not seen it, let me tell you one thing – avoid it during dinner time. Take my word.

Tomorrow is the 5th. Just saying. Nothing special. I will make it special. Somehow – anyhow. But I will.


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