Not Invited.

How do some songs take you way back in the past? That is the magic of music I guess. It teleports you to another era.

She doesn’t even remember what she looked like back then.. but somehow remembers exactly how it felt that night on the dark terrace, by herself.

She could see the neighbor’s terrace. It was lit up, the music was blaring. It was crowded..they seemed to be having a great time, unlike her. Silently sulking. She was not invited to the party. That was okay, she was not a party person anyway. But she had a crush on him. That hurt.

She found a spot on her own terrace from where she could have a better view of the party next door without being caught. She saw them dancing and singing along to that song. She wanted to be there too. She was a better dancer than all of those girls. It kept hurting, she kept enjoying it. A loner and a masochist. Hmm, that explains the exclusion. It’s not that she was not cute. After a while, she went down back to her parents to seek solace. Her brother was at the party… that party.

Anyway. It’s probably been 25 years since that night. She is in a very happy place now..with a man who loves her immensely. The song happened to play in the car on YouTube and she realized she still feels bad about being excluded. Still cute.

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