99% of the times I don’t want babies but when I see one in a romper with that cute lil tushy, I start looking at my ovulation cycle. God. This confusion..will it ever end? 😏

Well finding them cute in rompers can’t be a reason to want babies. Or… imagine them not being so cute once they get out of the rompers and deciding not to have babies also cannot be a reason not to have kids.

So how do you know if the “baby fever” is not just another phase and you will outgrow it the moment you see a screaming child in a movie hall; or when you see haggard faces of new parents, or old parents..for that matter. Parents usually have this look.. you know..with “stuff” written across their faces.

Anyway, people fuck unprotected fully aware that if they have a child, their sleepcycle won’t be the only thing that gets fucked, for a while. The “solitude”, the ME-TIME… those are just a few things that turn into – Things I Used To Do When I Was Not A Parent. Until the kid is all grown up and .. who am I kidding? I am almost 40 and my parents are still worried about me. I mean, I don’t post an insta story for a day and my mum texts me, worried.

Why do people have kids? Or just a kid. Especially in this day and age when any random and deadly virus suddenly decides to pop up and say HEY, I AM HERE, LET’S DIE.

Okay, I really do not know the purpose of this post. I mean I just had one of that absolutely unsafe-make me pregnant-sex because Dexter’s little baby looked adorable in a romper in the last episode. Bloody rompers. Ugh.

Some adorable baby that came up in the search on Google. This is not Dexter’s

Maybe I am just trying to find out the answers to my eternal confusion: Do I want it or not!? I say I don’t, like all the time. And then this happens. I get confused, he gets confused, we do it anyway! Like, whatever – will see whatever happens. Is the chilled-out approach fine? I mean, I have NO CLUE how to take care of one, if it does arrive one day. Is he? I don’t think so, I mean he gets scolded by me all the time!! and I am a mess myself. Who will take care of the child if both the parents are such idiots? Especially the mother.

Are all parents like that initially? I mean, nobody is born knowing what to do with a human life that is solely your responsibility. What if it is in pain in the middle of the night and no doctor is available? What if I have to teach him/her mathematics!??? What if she/he goes through a heartbreak the way I did ??? I could handle mine but will I be able to handle theirs? What if they see right through me and realize it’s a psycho mom they are blessed with. What if …

What if I stop thinking and start focussing on what’s for dinner tonight. I am thinking Chilli Garlic Noodles with steamed momos. Sweet, simple, spicy, sexy. Phew, this makes me feel better. Let’s drop this for now. I have a few more calories to burn. Baaaaaaaaaaaaye

— Dip


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