this is the blog of the day.

I have always pictured a writer typing away, with a glass of whisky/mug of tea right next to her laptop.. and maybe an ashtray with a half burnt cigarette. And they are mostly typing away ferociously; lest a plot gets misplaced.

It’s quite different where I am sitting. I have tea with a sweet lil croissant stuffed with chocolate sauce right next to me.. I am not typing super fast but I am typing fast enough..but I keep looking outside and I get lost. There’s an endless sky as my view, a few balconies – all of them empty. A couple of small buildings; nothing distracting my distraction. And there are birds. Solitary birds…on each balcony. One of them seems to be staring at me too. Both of us are slightly uncomfortable. Okay, the bird is looking away now, suspiciously, as if it just read my mind. What if they can read a human mind? Can we ever know?

Does it make you feel edgy thinking there’s somebody who can read your mind in a room full of people? It does, doesn’t it? Humans hide a lot of emotions, even the ones who express too much. There’s always something you don’t share, or cannot.

Would you believe I am married to someone I can be 100 percent transparent with? I am. It’s surreal and also annoying at times (I guess that is inevitable in a marriage) because even though I am completely myself – there are times when he does something that goes completely against my basic nature. But then, it really is unfair if I expect him to be everything I want him to be. I like him for his own quirks. He likes me for mine. But over the years, as the relationship grows, we tend to get annoyed and endeared by the same quirks. It’s all cute and something that can get to your last nerve, all at the same time.

Well, I started with what’s outside my window and ended up discussing “marriage” again. Guess that’s my favourite topic after all. Anyway, mission accomplished – this is the blog of the day. :>


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