A week before my birthday

Why am I never sure if I should go for the haircut or not? I mean, there isn’t much to be done anyway. But I am super anxious each time I decide I need to get one. Should I/Shouldn’t I?

Yeah well I really need one. And I might get it done tomorrow. So this is what it looks like right now :

I am not getting it trimmed. It’s short anyway!

It’s 2 pm, I just did some spontaneous Yoga on my highly ignored yoga mat. I just realized, I love Yoga and I made a playlist on youtube. Now all I need to do is – wake up earlier tomorrow and play that damn playlist. Might help the hair too 😀

In other news, I got my 4th tattoo!

The text in Hindi means – as long as you are there with me, there is no reason for me to be afraid of anything. It’s a verse by Tulsidas’ Hanuman Chalisa.

I am a believer and have faith that I am watched over and taken care of. I feel blessed and safe.

Also, next week is my birthday week and this is a birthday gift by someone immensely close to me…<3

Catch ya later.




One comment

  1. Pardeep Chaudhary · June 22

    Tattoo is Totally Incredible!
    जय हनुमान ज्ञान गुण सागर।।

    Liked by 1 person

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