The Second Half


I had a lot on my mind about how I’d write the introductory post. But then, like all things in life, I am going to leave this unplanned as well and go with the flow. :>

So, a couple of days ago, my body turned 40! Seriously, it sounded scarier but felt like just another day in the same body. My heart is still beating at the same pace, I do not have a wrinkle on me, my back is good and on a good day – I go in what the millennials call “beast mode” in the gym. Also, I still demand to be pampered and if not done to my liking, I throw a royal tantrum. So all’s well. No major changes. Dil to bachcha hee hai jee.

So for the first post, let me just share how the birthday went. A little background. I cry on birthdays; all my birthdays. And I think this was the only birthday when I did not cry. I did everything that could help trigger my serotonin and dopamine. I ate whatever I wanted, I took Varun (my husband; he will be mentioned often in this blog) to the gym. I did not miss my afternoon nap. I wore something-new (mandatory on my birthday) and we went to some place we hadn’t been to before. Just me and Varun. We had my favorite food there – Fish n Chips and Spaghetti. There were some beautiful wishes/calls that did not irritate me. And the day got over! Boy, was I glad. I am weird on my birthday. But this time, it seemed… normal. And that was a pleasant surprise.


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  1. Pardeep Chaudhary · May 24

    Incredible and expressive!

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