My Humble Bucket List

People usually make a bucket list in their 20s. I just realized I don’t have one and time may be running out. Well, not being a pessimist here but practical.

Confession: I am yet to experience a few things that are normal day-to-day things for people. I’ve been lazy and toxically content.

So. Now that I’m 40 and thinking about life from a new perspective..I have decided to jot down a few things that I have to do in this lifetime. They may sound super mundane and ordinary to you but to me, if I’m able to do it, it won’t be a small achievement. So let’s start now because I have a feeling that this list would take some time too. Or not. Let’s see alright..

1- For as long as I can remember, being “thinner” has been at the top spot of the new year resolution list. Now I look back at my old photos and I look absolutely smashing (in my eyes!) – but I clearly remember I was never completely happy with my body. There always was something extra or something that could definitely be better. Better. Hmm, so yes, it’s obvious I did not have a healthy relationship with my body. Now…current scenario. I have actually been overweight since an year now, regretting the bad lifestyle habits. But somehow, I feel quite fond of myself…body included. I have sort of made friends. But now – I want to be able to live my life without the stress of being bad to my heart. I want to be healthier so that I can enjoy the second half of my life with my significant other. So I have pledged to get back to my smashing, healthier, fitter self. Also, no money to buy new dresses and there are already way too many hanging unworn since two years in the closet. Lose weight, save money.

2- Drive a car. Oh boy..yes. I just never got around to doing that. I have only made excuses thus far but I always agree with any woman when she says that one must know how to drive. Almost every girl I know drives in the city where I live, so the bad traffic cannot be an excuse. Yes I have a temper, yes I have zero patience – so I really don’t know how safe it is for me to be behind the wheel. But this is something I have to do. Get a license and drive.

3- Swim. Oh come on girl you love water! How can you not swim? And my building has the amenity to do it too, I mean how many people get that opportunity? And if I don’t use it for my benefit, it’s just pathetic to be honest. I got to start swimming. Wow, just the thought of being in the water makes me feel at peace.

4- A massive itch. I will tell you when it happens. This is one of those I don’t wanna jinx it kind of things.

5- What’s a bucket list without a cliche? So here goes. SCUBA DIVING. I want to see the under water life. I want to move with the sea animals and maybe have a little conversation. I want to be in the deep blue. I want to be a part of their world for a little while.. have to.

6- Give back. Not the way Mother Teresa did! But I want to make a difference to the lives of those who need the most. I want to be able to help. I want to have the power, the resources and the strength to do this. How? Again, no clue. But I will share whenever there’s an act of kindness – big or small.

7- Make my loved ones super proud of me. Somehow.

8- Travel to some magnificently beautiful locations in the world and make some fantastic photographs. I want to fill my home with all these photos.

9- Be the main lead. 😸✨

10- Become Famous (in a good way!)

This post might keep getting longer in the future with more things that need to be done. At the moment, I am good with this. If I can do this much also, I’ll be content. You see, I am not THAT ambitious and pretty comfortable. But then, life begins outside your comfort zone. So – I am on it. Cheers!


2 thoughts on “My Humble Bucket List

  1. Yours bucket list matching mine’s also, which you have expressed beautifully.
    Even I don’t know how to drive a car! However I am be-car, owns only a Two Wheeler.
    Loosing weight is my top priority, over the Pandemic period, I have gained lot in weight. 🙂✨
    I have completed 40s too!

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