Hence, mood swings.

I hate my crankiness the way I hate the aftertaste of these multivitamins in my mouth. Ugh!

Well, it was the third consecutive night last night that I slept late; late as in around 3ish. That was normal for me at one point in time because back then, I would wake up late as well. NOW…life does not allow that and I am glad it does not because there’s some semblance in sleeping on time and getting up at a reasonable hour & most importantly – sleeping enough hours. I have a dull headache and that is making me feel like a woman on a dangerous mood swing before her period. Thankfully, no period around the corner at the moment. Small mercies, thank you God.

Strangely, the electronic devices at home are acting up these days. Our TV has been going through a rough time because of which we aren’t really able to Netflix and Chill. Phones and laptop screens just don’t work for me, I need things LARGER THAN LIFE. Or at least decently large. Size does fucking matter. And this morning, the microwave oven’s plug started making some strange sounds, strange enough to make me imagine ugly scenarios like what would happen to me if there’s a short circuit and I am not able to douse the fire. I am supremely dependent on heating my food in the microwave (micro as most Indian households call it), so I got even more cranky and hugged him and pushed him at the same time while he was leaving. And now THAT is annoying me because the Byes always should be full of love.

Hmm….well, at least this makes me feel better. Everybody needs something that makes them feel better..but sometimes, we just cannot find the energy to do those things even though we know they will help. Like, I know I will feel much better if I exercised daily.

But then, pollens happen.

Anyway, let’s finish the book today and start a new one. The only respite.


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