Kaizen ☆


I have a habit of opening Pinterest every morning after getting up and saving something I want to share on my social media. Today was a word I came across. Kaizen. Wait don’t open Google. I will tell you the meaning. It’s a Japanese term that means “Continuous improvement”. Changing for the better every day, bit by bit. It is a Japanese business philosophy.

I love the word. A philosophy we can implement without burdening ourselves with big goals that sometimes seem far fetched or impractical. Instead, we can take baby steps in our daily lives and make small changes and stay consistent with them. Let’s not wait for the new year or that Monday that never comes and start making little efforts from today.

The events of the past few days have definitely brought my spirits down, I lost my grandfather. He was a gem and I deeply miss his presence. But I don’t want to be sad when I remember him, he lived a wonderful life – was in the external affairs so he travelled a lot. A gentle, dignified man – he was independent till the last day of his life. Loved and respected by all, that foodie was adorable and always smiling. He was 93. So yes, he was amazing and I want to imbibe some of the qualities, if not all, that he possessed. Number one being : discipline. He had a routine that he followed every day without fail.

Also, he was anything but a procrastinator. He finished his work before time or on time but never delayed anything, never pushed off to “later”. I have this terrible, horrible, life stiffling habit of postponing things. And now that I have just stepped into my 40s, I feel I could have done so much more in my 20s and 30s. But then, I would never burden myself with this guilt or regret. I believe today is a new day and every day gives us a brand new chance to start doing things. It’s never too late or too early. It’s just about NOW.

So, starting from NOW – I am moving towards self-improvement every day.


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