why do i do that?

it was better when we were kids. oh such a cliché. but why?

i think it was easier to express displeasure. now, when someone close lets us down, we think a lot about it and then end up with the disgust dissolved inside our hearts. we don’t tell them, “not talking to you.” or “i am angry with you.” – we think it’s the mature thing to let go..

but do we really ever let go? does it really make sense to “let go..”..or is it better to confront.

i don’t know. i don’t confront. maybe because i fear what they will say would hurt me even more. so i keep it hidden inside me and when i meet these people, they have no clue about the hurt inside, because well i am laughing at their jokes that are not even funny.

why do i do that?


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