Where are you?

Elusive little feeling..called Happiness. It’s been long but not that long..because I still kind of remember how you feel in my skin, my bones, my heart.

I envy those who can feel you, loud and clear, and dance. I feel if I dance tonight, I’ll have sort of a massive breakdown. I am tired so am going to pass… dancing.

I was talking sometime back. But then I felt rejected, so I stopped. Let them breathe that peaceful silence for a night. Tomorrow is another day that I’m hoping to wake up, not as myself, but as someone who knows better than wasting the emotion on toxicity.

The world ignores what it doesn’t understand. Some people are difficult to understand. It’s a struggle, an effort to be around them. So the silent treatment is almost understandable but painful and unforgivable. Sadly, unforgettable.


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