Sorta Social Detox | *On*

Something good comes out of getting bored. With this belief, I am considering getting rid of the most distracting and time consuming applications from my phone.

WhatsApp isn’t all that distracting but I don’t like one thing about it. The accessibility. If you’re not in the mood to have a conversation, and you don’t reply on the same day but you are active otherwise (on the phone), it’s considered super rude and you are blamed for ignoring them.

We grew up answering or making calls to our friends when we wanted to chat. The concept of texting came much, much later when we had grown past the landline and the caller ID feature. Even that feature came around the end of my teenage probably. So I’ve been the person who had no idea who was going to be on the other end of the phone line when and if I decided to answer the ringing phone.

Actually, this is not the first time that I’m attempting a social detox. Well, not a detox really, because my accounts are active. Just that they are not going to be on my phone, so they’re not going to be accessible immediately. I would have to switch my laptop on if I wanted to share something on those spaces.

Instagram : tops my most hated and addictive apps. I’ve wasted so much time on these apps watching the stories of people I don’t even know in real life and those who I know but don’t stay in touch with. And strangely, also those who are family and close friends. The story feature. That’s what I detest about Instagram. It was fun when there were just posts and people would write sort of longish captions at times explaining a feeling or a moment..whatever, it was more heart. Now, it’s all, sort of missing the point. Too much information, too many hashtags, zero feeling. I’ve given out as well..not that I haven’t. I’ve shared a lot of information with basic strangers. Relatives, friends, and strangers – all on the same pedestal – on the same platform –> Your Insta ‘Followers’. I am not crazy about the word either.

Okay cribby…

Announcements are made on social media and your followers get to know a special detail about your life through a post/story – the follower could be your mom, dad, siblings, your colleagues, your best friend, a few ‘internet friends’, your stalker, your haters..etc.

I would want to know a close one’s special updates in person or via a phone call. I couldn’t care about a piece of ‘good news’ announced on social media where the world gets to know about my friend / family member at the same time as I do.. or even before I do, depending on how active their followers are.

An addiction takes time and a lot of willpower to get rid of. People I know have done it. Why can’t I? Of course, I can. Just got to stop seeing/posting a lot of stories.

Facebook is dead anyway. Not even bothering about the birthdays anymore. It used to be a thing earlier – so many wishes!!! Oh I am tired replying thanks to all of them. people have started posting : “Thank you for your wishes, they made my day even more special” as a customary status update on their feeds after the birthday. Who will send a reply to all the people who actually took time out to wish you? Smell sarcasm here, please.

Twitter: My favorite social media platform. I am active – almost hyper active, when the app is on the phone. Currently, it isn’t. But I find myself opening the webtwitter and feel stupid about deleting the proper android app lol! Well, if I love Twitter so much, why get rid of it? I have a damn good reason buddy.

I am a jungle of thoughts. It’s crazy the number of thoughts that are simultaneously getting jumbled in my head along with the imaginary conversations and scenarios. So I need a space where I can just puke some out. Some. Not all. I avoid scandal. So right now, there is no app on the phone – you can expect me here more often. Actually writing here is far better. I can post an excerpt or two from the blog, that I deem fit for social media, on Twitter later anyway. It’s still my thoughts.

One thing that I don’t like on Twitter is – anybody comes and says any random shit to you. lol

A lot of people like Twitter for the instant response thing. Not me, not an introvert, not someone who is not looking for conversation. So what I can do is cut down on the tweets and write blog posts instead, only to share the link/excerpts on the timeline later. Responses are most welcome (in fact, they are needed!) because since I don’t have the application on the phone, I won’t be barraged with the notifications anyway. Yes, I can disable notifications but when that little blue-bird is on the phone, your fingers want to pet the damn thing. And there go your precious few minutes that could have been used in writing a novel, for example! Why not. The world is awaiting a change.

What was I born for anyway? Something really special.

So yeah, I am good with this Sorta-Social-Detox. Active yet distant.

See you, more often. Leaving with the latest of me


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