The thing about Sundays

It’s a Sunday and I’m not doing anything. Except that I am. I can’t help but..

There is something to create (don’t get excited, I’m only thinking about lunch)

There’s something to look forward to (our new tv is coming home)

We aren’t going anywhere today – ideally I love this too, just spending time together in our cozy space.

Yummy food makes everything better. Your favourite music playing in the background while you cook is cherry on the top. And then, there are kisses, laughter and those out of depth rubbish talks that I live for.

I want to make this day slightly different though. I want it to be happily memorable. Let’s only smile today – no rhyme or reason. Even if I get a tad mad ( surely could ), I’ll smile. I want to see what happens if I choose not to shout or say something I don’t really mean.

Every day is a new chance to improve. So I’m seizing the day. ✨💛


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