phoolish behaviour.

it was definitely not an ideal start of the day – i am the kind of person who needs to wake up at her own pace, delicately – no loud noises, no sudden movements, no human beings to talk to me immediately after waking up.

so what happened today? well, the phone was ringing. the intercom. the ring found a place in my dream’s narrative somehow and then i was forced to wake up because the ringing would not stop. it was bothering me, because there is no way in hell i would actually get out of my bed and go to the living room to answer the phone. so i asked him.. no i told him that the phone was ringing non stop (in a way that would make someone feel it’s their mistake the phone was ringing). so he went. when he came back to the room, i asked him and he said – it was the guard, there are some flowers.

now i was irritated but kind of sleepily excited. he went downstairs in an equally confused state, meanwhile, i was building scenarios in my head. who sent flowers, why, etc. there were a couple of names also in my head. and i almost smiled to myself. how sweet of them. how would i react, how will i video call them and say thanks etc. how i will take the photo and post on my insta. you know!!! BUT

but after he came back, empty handed, i was like…uh? where are the flowers..

he casually said, “they were for the neighbor… he called us by mistake”

you have no idea how i managed to collect my embarrassed heart, dropped some expletives around for an hour.. and managed to carry on with the boring morning chores.

sigh. can’t a married woman get some platonic, harmless flowers !!!?

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