Handwritten notes should be in vogue!

I recently wrote a letter to a family member and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It took me back to the pre-texting times, when I wrote letters more often. She loved receiving it too! And that is a big reason why this art of writing heartfelt notes to loved ones should be in vogue.

And today, I’m in a mood to write him a letter. Yes, we live together. But don’t forget we live together with our phones sticking to our bodies all the time, along with our lifestyles. Both of us have been distracted; have neglected some important things. We have both been careless towards each other and towards our own selves.

So yes, a letter is in order. I must look for the pretty stationary and rekindle my love affair with the written word. In 2022, I deem that feeling of receiving a hand written letter a luxury. ❤️


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