I Like..

I don’t know about you but I like my almonds dipped in ice cream, my toast smeared with butter, my sun fiery red and setting majestically. I like my moon a gorgeous crescent and my man smelling like temptation. My wine the sweet color of a rosé.

I like my time alone, my movies happy and my clothes fresh.

My hair wavy.. my lips nude and my photos vibrant.

My tea hot and my parents laughing. I love my food spicy and my kitchen stocked with something delicious to eat. I love my books to be personal memoirs or a beautiful, tragic, heartbreaking romance.

My car with music, my friends with banter and the relatives minding their own business.

I like my Twitter abuzz and Facebook off.

And I like my blogposts random as ever!! heh. Well, I was just itching to go tap tap tappin on the keyboard this evening. It’s a good evening, I saw a gorgeous sun set from my window, the colors are still fascinating and my eye keeps going there, it’s just so bloody attractive. I don’t think the camera can capture what the eyes can see. The strongest camera in the world.

There was going to be a moment today though when I was about to plunge. And I snapped out…and took a selfie. Helped 🙂 Catch ya later.



  1. Pardeep Chaudhary · July 1

    Beautifully expressed! So the beautiful selfie 🤳 🙂✨👌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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