A New Dawn.

I’ll add the title later.

So it’s almost 5 am. I slept all night, and no I am NOT an early riser. If I ever wake up at this time, it is to pee and drift off immediately back to sleep only to be woken up at around 8 with a hot mug of delish tea. Yes, I am privileged like that and am grateful for it every second of my life.

So what is different about this particular 5 am of my life? I am in my 40th year (or is it 41? Fuck it, who cares.) and I still miss that time of my life when I would be awake almost all night brewing exciting things in my head or on the paper (read: screen) – things that would remain there and would never see the light of the day. Yet, I was happier. I was asleep and a phone call woke me up around 4:11 am. It rang while I was making a confusing transition from the sleeping and awake state of this body that I possess. Some Indian number but completely unknown. Well, does not matter right now. Anyway, so then I did not try to sleep unlike all other days and opened this machine to start typing. That’s the only different thing about this 5 am. And right now, with every word that is being typed, I am feeling better. Better? Was I worse? Well, that we shall unravel in this space.

I feel an immense need to make changes – changes to my life, changes in my body, and most importantly changes in the way I react/respond to life. This is just a public attempt at ‘renovation’. Usually, things are closed to the public while they are being reconstructed. But who’s averse to the usual? Me. And hopefully, the reader too.

So let’s start on yet another journey but here’s hoping that this one leads somewhere instead of getting lost somewhere along the way. Hop on?

Cheers ~ xo


2 thoughts on “A New Dawn.

  1. Dipti, it is so nice to just read some of your un-filtered thoughts here on your blog. I mean, can anything get more simple than this?
    Don’t we all crave such simple living? I have been actually practicing it a lot for the past few years – NO drama, no getting involved where not required…do what’s required and move forward.

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