Turn The Page

It feels instantly better when you decorate the space you live in, day in and day out. Just like I love doing my home (I am madly in love with my home which is slowly turning into something dreamy), I just added a few things to my blog here. Of course, I did, this is my home “online”. This is where I am ME, 100%, out loud, without pretense and the fear of being judged.

And I wish to translate that into my life that is not online. Being me without any fear of judgment, any bondage, or obligation. The lines between online and offline have blurred though, we are here – almost all the time, thanks to the influx of social media. Instagram and Twitter. No, I will not bitch about social media right now because no matter how much it gets on my nerves at times, I end up crawling back to it. I am in the process of figuring out a way that it does not bother me and so far, I have realized that the less I spend time on it – the better it is, less I despise it. There is no escaping, I mean we are too deep into it. Yeah, I love sharing a bit of mine and enjoy the occasional stalking. Well, we are curious.

So, the other day when I decided to “re-invent”, I figured it has to start with daily journaling. I would like to document, I don’t mind sharing. So here I am.

The purpose of this blog is just that – I want to document my growth and the changes. I want to see how I respond to things, and how I correct myself if and when I go wrong. Be it in the sphere of relationships with others or the one I have with myself.

I want to start taking care of my health. My body, skin, my mind, and my soul.

I want to make sure I don’t neglect things that help my mental and physical health, I have done that enough, out of sheer laziness and nothing else. People around me are encouraging, it’s me who has been careless.

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