Just the way I feel tonight..

With the white noise of insects coming from the balcony as the background score, I am writing at 1 AM because I felt the need. I am happy today. I felt that feeling after a long, long time today. Years I think. I felt like I was in love again, excited, and expressive. It’s like something lifted off. Well whatever it is, it’s good.

Last night I wanted to wake him up and hug him..but then, you can’t do that to a person sleeping peacefully, I am not that evil. He told me today to wake him up next time. Heh.

What / who am I in love with? Is it him.. is it with myself, my life? Is it the weather, is it because I got my period and I felt relieved? Are these hormones? Is it Shah Rukh Khan? Is it photography? The new books on my shelf? Is it the future? Am I finally done with the past? What is it! Or maybe it’s just that I realize how lucky I am. Maybe I am zen. Maybe I am dodging the episodes well.




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