In the middle of the night

You hold my hand when I find yours in the middle of the night even when you’re asleep. This is a forever thing right? Or else I’ll have to deal with my anxious heart by myself.

Touching you is more efficient than popping a pain killer. Quick, zero side effects and of course free 😘

Marriage is fun…or maybe I’m just the lucky one. There are too many unhappy married faces for me to be a little if not extremely cynical in my view of “marriage” as an institution. Is it important? Not at all. Is it fun? Can be. It has challenges (duh) but when it works, boy life is beautiful.

I guess it’s a milder one compared to parenthood. Now that’s got to be challenging. Hats off to those who do a wonderful job of raising happy and stable people!

That’s another post for another day though.

Yesterday was a good day. Looking forward to today. Good night..


Dip 🦋🌼

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