A Free Evening! <3

I get ideas in the most random of places and at odd hours. But who decides 6 am is an odd hour to be getting an idea or is the shower a strange place?

But today I got an idea while reading the newspaper. I have decided to see old classics. Well, most of them. There are too many movies that I have missed and a few that could be watched again.

Hi! It’s 7 pm and I am usually busy with chores at this time but somehow, I managed to keep my evening free for myself today and I think this has to become a daily thing. I feel relaxed.. I could be downstairs to complete my 10,000 steps of the day too. I can write a blog post. I can read a few chapters of the book. I am reading Anxious People by Fredrick Backman by the way and it’s fantastic. My new favorite male author. Jhumpa Lahiri and Elif Shafak are my favorite women writers. I have been reading guys! And the To Be Read pile is full of some interesting titles that keep me excited and in a good mood. Like, a new toy to play with.

So, now I have to work on the new idea and for that, I have to see a lot of films. With pleasure! All that’s required is a little time management. I cannot neglect my health anymore. I have to mark my attendance in the gym for at least 5 days in a week. I have been going since the previous week…I just hope I keep pushing myself. The motivation comes from this place of resentment inside me. Well, whatever makes me exercise – I am good with it. Nothing better than channeling your irritation and anger in the right direction, to achieve something positive for yourself or for someone else.

One more development – I have successfully gotten rid of this “beauty” app on my phone

that I used extensively to take selfies and after months of usage, I could not bear to take a picture of myself with the regular camera on the phone. I could not accept my flaws and that was alarming enough for me to delete the app and not use it again. It’s been a month and I am getting used to the normal camera. But it’s a process. It’s like slowly weaning off antidepressants. So, even in the regular camera app, in the selfie mode, you can select levels, 3 being the one that makes you look like you have applied the best make up base and your skin is next level. 1 being closest to your natural self. So I have been oscillating between 2 and 1.. to be honest, it’s a matter of choosing the perfect light after all. So far, so good. I feel better about myself. Not dependent on an app to make me feel better about myself.

I want to talk about the negative and positive body image too but I have to run now. As in, get up! I don’t run, I power walk. :>

Leaving with the latest of me

“Everyone has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can accomplish, and what your potential is.” – Anne Frank



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