I saved the day

Well, every day is different. I am not a follower of a routine, though there are some things that happen every day. That is the life of a freelancer. You do your thing and then you wait for the next thing and in between – there is life. The mundane and the monotonous. The simple joys and the boredom.

Today, I filled my bowl with this new flavor of Lays (Gourmet – Lime and Black Pepper – yum) at the time when I am usually tying my shoe laces.. the gym shoes…to be precise. But today is not that day, you just know. And the good thing is I am not feeling an ounce of guilt, so it’s totally okay for me to be sitting on my bed with the laptop on.. err, the lap, and a new book beside me and a to-be-read article in the newspaper.

Oh! And today, I had a booking with Urban Company for their salon services..but they assigned a beautician who had terrible reviews. A few of them read like, “She burned me in three places while waxing”. So I obviously called it off and decided I will go to the salon in the building – that is also nice. The problem is I am too lazy to drag my ass to a salon. But the fact is that I always feel rejuvenated after a salon session…(I actually cannot remember the last time I went), so I must pay a visit soon. It works for your mental health as well… so I can go for the sake of that, if not anything else.

Anyway. But I oiled my hair with some random one that claims to smell like jasmine but does not, I don’t mind. I have a habit of making love out of nothing at all..so it works. I feel better. I was actually going to plunge into this zone today and I swerved before I drowned. I saved the day. I am proud of you girl.

I can continue with the rest of the day with my book-reading, netflixing, nature loving and munching self. Today is not the day to wear the fitness watch, to count steps or checking how many calories have been burnt. It’s a day to celebrate the fact that I am a better driver of this fragile and sensitive car called Dip’s Brain.



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