7:30 pm

Chris Cornell’s voice and this evening to myself. It’s not pleasant yet I won’t call it unpleasant – this evening. I am all by myself yet I won’t say I am alone. Though earlier in the day and more than a couple of times this month, I felt something that I haven’t felt before. Lonely. My mum, as always, has a solution for all my problems and she made a damn good suggestion. I see it happening in my life soon. I feel my life is going to change for good. For something so good. It’s her birthday tomorrow 🙂 Yay. It’s always special. Something to look forward to. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I have nothing much to say today. No, I do. But I am too distracted to talk to you. I will leave with a song I have been listening to since an hour. And years.

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