Something good means something expensive.

The music is always on. Have I said it before? I definitely must have…because it is really always on.

I wish I was comfortable in front of the camera, doing these Live sessions on social media, where I could just blabber my heart out. (the way I sometimes type here, now – not so much. But I must. Because I am so full of it…and shit.) And I wish the crowd on social media was not as unforgiving, crass, and deliberately mean – on the face. One could keep certain things to themselves. Have you ever seen how mean people get on these live sessions and photos on Instagram… hats off to the influencers and celebrities who have the ability to look past them. Or do they? Doesn’t it play with the mental health.. like even a bit? I could not deal with it. People can get personal and ruthless.

But writing has a unique charm. This process of unloading.

I have to shop. I say I “have” to because I need to. I say I need to because I feel better.

I need to feel better. This materialistic soul needs to be satiated with a few things… the good things, by good – I mean expensive.

I want something expensive. My expensive could be your cheap, sure. But right now, my bank balance is like a piggy bank. And I am kind of itching it spend it all.


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