Writing is like Dancing.

Clicking the “Write” button on WordPress somewhat feels the way it does when you get on a dance floor not knowing the lyrics of a song and no clue what you are going to do but you know there will be movement, awkward at first and then a madness shall set in..you won’t be moving your body, your body will be moving on it’s own. Your fingers will convey what’s inside your soul. Your feet will convey what’s inside your heart. Your brain will feel light, like a weight has been lifted off.

But what really happened? Did something change in your life? No. You just did what you do best. You expressed with or without words, to nobody and everybody. I guess you heal, one step, one word and one decision at a time.

Years of keeping things inside. You cannot expect a miracle in a day. It is going to take time and more importantly, it is going to take consistent efforts from your side.

I am talking to myself. I am dancing. I had no idea this post is going to be about mental health. But turned out this is what is on my mind, most of the time now. God.. we really are a generation of big smiles and heartbreakingly sad eyes.

But – there is a will to get better. There is the courage to talk. There is an acceptance that something is not right at all.. and there is hope. And as long as there is hope, there is light. It’s never going to be totally dark. So you will find the way, sooner of later.

Change of topic: I am craving french fries. Why can’t I crave 30 minutes of treadmill, sets of leg raises, crunches, squats, biking and cross training? Why can’t I get addicted to dumbells and those sexy (not) black machines instead?

I was so close to the gym in the evening but then I saw some flowers and started clicking photos. And somehow, walking and listening to music, I reached home. Let me share what I just had and this thing is as simple as it can get but it satiates a corner of my soul at this hour like nothing else does.

A simple toast with a layer of garlic butter and some oregano and chilli flakes. I had this with Ginger-Honey tea. Bliss.

Flowers over Gym Equipment. The weather is beautiful too. I am not guilty. Photography is meditation for me..and this works for my mental health. How about do this every day? Why not.

Anyway, Chris Cornell is screaming for attention. I will be back tomorrow. ❤




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