The side effects of having a soulmate.

Thanks to being in love and being used to a person, I’m not even able to watch a reality tv show all by myself because if it turns out to be amazing, I stop it because I want him to see it too, sitting besides that we go all aww..and omg amazing..together, and discuss it afterwards.

So tonight I was watching Indian Idol season 13, ep 1. Turns out, the talent is beyond brilliant and I had to stop after the first episode because I want to watch it with him. And now I’m watching something on Netflix. It’s called On The Verge.. it’s a story of 4 best friends – all women, in their 40s. All of them have kids and careers. All of them are somewhat struggling with their relationships and jobs. It’s not haha funny or omg-crazy or awwwwsweeeet. It’s laidback. Honestly, I enjoyed The Fabulous Lives Of Bollywood Wives more. It was hilarious in parts. I won’t mind another season..that would be their 3rd. Oh..and a couple of wives are going to be on this week’s Koffee with Karan as well, along with Gauri Khan. They’ve started calling her the Queen.

I’m kind of waiting to see what the prince will do though. Aryan Khan – son of Gauri and Shah Rukh Khan. The kid “breaks the internet” in India with a random post on social media especially if his father leaves a comment. SRK is a king – for ever. But it’s definitely tough for their kids..the pressure must be immense. O

Ok I deviated. The post was going to be about my soulmate but somehow the Khan family took over. I got to go. I’m kind of drowsy now.

Good night part 2




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