I have a gift

I have a new toy. It’s a machine, a machine that was invented in 1868 by Christopher Latham Sholes of Wisconsin…… It’s called the Typewriter.

I didn’t buy it, I got it from my grandfather. It belonged to him.. it’s an Olivetti Letters 82 in green. Since I got it, I’ve been typing random things.. be it thoughts, be it song lyrics.. taking photos of the words. I am excited like a kid who has just received her first smart phone.

You can’t delete anything you type. You can strike through..but you can’t delete what you typed. Is that strange..no, that’s precisely what is one of the most charming things about these vintage machines. Take the old cameras for instance. You had a film and a limited number of photographs that you could take with that film roll in the camera before it would run out of space. You would take a picture, and without knowing the result, you would have to move on. Is that strange? We have experienced this and now when we look back – we kind of want to go back to relive the feeling. The wait for the film to develop into photographs and seeing those moments right in front of you..the rawness of a moment captured and presented as is.

I have a strong feeling a new journey is about to begin, where I’ll discover this beautiful side of me.. and heal all the cracks. I feel I’m breathing deeper, thanks to this beautiful machine called the Typewriter.


7 thoughts on “I have a gift

  1. I have always wanted a typewriter. Maybe ill buy it soon.
    But I agree with you here, we are so used to backspace, that writing with a clear thought and vision where you cannot delete is something we have not experienced very well.

    The old-school camera is also such a charm, 24 pictures and that’s about it. Makes you want to capture real moments than the random million pictures we have in our phone right now

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