Waiting for the watch and the winters.

I opened this page when it was still evening and now it’s night.

not that I could not think of what to type, I don’t think anyway. my laptop has become so slow, it’s getting on my nerves, or maybe it is the internet. whatever it is – not good.

And now I actually don’t know what to type. I have this habit of just opening the page and staring at it for a while, then I get distracted by some apps on the phone, glance at the blank screen again, and ignore it for some more time. And then eventually I get back here…and the laptop sort of hangs again. Nooo.

We all have an inner voice. Mine is telling me that I should not be busy in the kitchen in the evenings and I should do that staring at the blank screen business early in the morning, then go for a morning walk and inhale the smells and listen to the sounds of nature. Let’s try.

So ..umm, I lost my ‘fitness smart watch’ in the chaos of the rain and train last week, when I had gone to meet my darling Sonal. It was not an apple, I am not rich. It was a Boat that I bought this April. And after losing it, I decided that I will spend at least this year without a fitness watch.. but thanks to the constant insistence of Varun, I ordered another one last night. I am waiting for it to arrive today. So this will be my second fitness watch on my wrist without a kilo lost from my body, this year. ha ha ha. It’s okay.

Goa will happen someday, and a wedding will happen in the family some day soon too. I still have time, or so I think. But first, it’s Diwali in less than a month, I am reasonably excited, as it should be. I am not averse to this festival anymore, there was a time when I started disliking Diwali. That was a decade ago I think. I enjoy it now. It’s all very bright and warm. The weather, on the other hand, is changing. And soon, it will be hoodie weather and my people will find me in my favorite hoodies and sweats day and night.

Let me share some and feel that cozy feeling I so enjoy in the winters of Delhi (except that one week when it’s bone-chilling cold)

Waiting for this season to begin soon. The only task is to keep the summer clothes back, properly folded and neatly kept inside and all the sweaters, jackets and hoodies to be hung and stuffed in the wardrobe. Out of all the summer clothes that have been hanging all these months, I have worn only 20% because nothing really fit well..and off late, I have only been wearing oversized t shirts. It’s just comfortable. I wore them when I was thin too. I hate wearing a bra! Bras are like high heels for me, you look good – posture and everything, but they are so bloody restricting. I am a free bird and this is one reason why I love winters. Freedom! Give me sexy sneakers and an oversized hoodie any day.

Ooh the watch has been delivered. Just waiting for him to come back because he was more excited about it anyway..haha, someone is under a misconception that I will magically get back to my 2016 body after putting it on.

But, one can hope. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Waiting for the watch and the winters.

  1. Pretty pictures Dipti. We folks from Mumbai rarely get to experience winters but I have been up north during this time and I can when you say you are waiting for the cozy weather. Lovely write. And an even more awesome phone back cover. Brings back lots of memories.

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