Hoodies for Diwali?

Picture a cranky girl trying her Indian outfits (that are stitched as if sewn to the body) after a gap of a lazy year… struggling with wearing them first and then getting out of them. Not a pretty picture right? Kind of sort of tragic comic. Sigh.. yeah well, that was me some time back. I don’t have clothes!! Can’t we wear hoodies for Diwali??


I deserve this for not being regular at exercising daily. Oooh I love my new fitness watch by the way, I am wearing it right now and I used it too, went to the gym alright. It motivated me too. It’s like, paisa kharcha hai toh use karo. Hmm, one never regrets a workout session. It always makes you feel better than you were feeling before it. I may have said this before.

OOOH another good news, someone in the extended family had a baby boy and we are all thrilled. It’s such a sweet, happy feeling. A brand new life in this world, I pray and hope he gets to see the best of life and lives a happy, healthy, safe, long, and beautiful life. Makes me kind of want my own. Ugh, there we go again.

I am happy though…making love to the theme of Godfather leading to James Bond and Pink Panther (accidental playlist!). No complaints. Life is beautiful. Again.

Here’s me for my first Karwachauth, 5 years ago. I was getting married in a couple of months. Sigh!@#!@#!@ I can’t wait to fit into these clothes again. Seems like a distant dream but there are too many success stories to not believe that this is possible. It is possible but I will have to give up on a few things that I love.. chocolate and sleeping.

hum honge kamyab ek din,





  1. A · October 25

    Haha fantastic ! It all sounds and looks good.

    Totally agree on the fitness watch purchase.. more like getting a forced value of the expense.

    Kal se gym 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • D · October 25

      Haha kal se gym
      Should get a tee shirt with that printed.

      Liked by 1 person

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