Karwachauth 2022

And again, like every year, it’s Diwali in the air and people are determined to turn a new leaf this Diwali. Ok I don’t know about people but I am. After all, my life is all about these days.. The “I’ll start from..” days.

I am reading this book called Atomic Habits by James Clear and it is making a lot of sense. It is staring at me right now as we speak/as I type. It is good. If you are looking for this change in the way you are leading your life and are fed up with your own patterns, this is the book to pick right now. This one should be in the syllabus.

I missed posting around the last festival, it was Karwachauth. I managed to fast from sunrise to sunset.. no food, no water. It was easy this time. I was quiet. A quiet mind makes the day easy too. I wanted to get mehendi on my hands this time, like.. a proper one. But then, I had zero patience to sit outside and wait around for my turn. Too many women.. too many ready to break into a fight women. So, like most of my pre karwachauth nights, I made him practice his art on my hands hahah.. and he did a pretty nice job too. Also, it is extremely sweet…I think I am spoilt enough now, I don’t think I can never sit with a mehendi wala and get it now. Husband is good enough. Also, I get squeamish when some one other than him holds my hand. Errm, yea well.

There was some dressing up to do in the evening and that went well too. I met nobody but my husband and the camera. So it was nice that way heh. I dressed up for myself and for him. It was sweet… the way he broke my fast after we saw the moon. Quite a romantic festival.. makes you meet your newly married self once again after all the years. And then we ATEEEEEE! The next day was another story, my stomach couldn’t deal with the onslaught of the post karwachauth meal. Thankfully, nothing serious.

Some pictures!

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