My own.


I am the most relieved person now that all the festivities are over and there is no compulsion to “dress up” more than anything. I somehow managed this Diwali without exploding because my Yeses were outnumbered by my Nos. I did not sit where I did not feel comfortable, I avoided the energies I am not happy around. Well, it was essential. I am not big on this festival anymore and have plans to make for my Diwali 2023. I have to set new traditions for myself. My celebrations, my way. And no I am not saying I will eliminate people altogether, family time is so important too. But there has to be something that makes my soul happy, something that is special only for me, a private celebration. So yeah, I have ideas.. just going to chart out a plan to implement them. I know I can.. it is nothing major anyway. Just small changes..with hopefully significant results.


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