Celebrate a good day!

It’s been a good day, I did a few things that I think will help me tremendously if I do them daily, or at least on all weekdays. I tried meditating, and did it for just 5 minutes but felt instantly better. I worked out – a mix of cardio and strength. The heart rate was pumped and the muscles were stretched and worked on. Again, felt so good. I removed Instagram and Twitter from my phone (yes for the millionth time, don’t give me a dirty look). I did some reading. I did some steaming! And now I am writing on my blog about it. Meditation, reading, exercise, writing.. and a few other things that make me feel good.. stuff I can do daily. This should work – this is doable. I am excited, I am happier, I am calmer and somehow, more in love. 🙂

Post Steaming! :p lol.


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