Serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocin

1:22 PM

The endorphins have been released and how. Before you start imagining something, I am talking about the workout of the day. A bit of brisk walk followed by 15 minutes of legs, thighs, and glutes. I am even making a playlist on YouTube for the month of November, am I finally getting serious about my body?? Definitely am kicked. I have some agendas and some goals and things to fucking prove to myself before anybody else. I have a couple of people in mind though..they help me channel my anger. The pent-up anger. And somehow, this physical movement and meditation calms me down like nothing else. Dance. I say Dance.

Now that I have the workout out of the way, I have the rest of the day to myself to do whatever the fuck I want. Wait a minute, why am I using the F word so much today? I am kind of excited. Must be the endorphins. And now I am going to work towards the rest of the happy hormones. Kind of an Agenda For Life now. Why just today? I just saw a very happy photo of mine in my gallery and missed the girl…but not in a sad way, I feel I am moving closer to her again. After a long, long time. Yay~

Well, I was innocent even after all the drama that had happened in my life back then. Why am I cynical now? Why have I been wary of feeling the happiness..

Let go!

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