1:41 am

Just about to sleep, thought I’d say hey.

Had plans to go out for a datenight today but my stupid allergies didn’t let me 😦 now it’s getting to my head. I’m not able to live my life!

One good thing happened though..we booked our Pahalgam hotel. ❤️ Waiting for the magical time.

The countdown is on..oh and so is my workout chart on the fridge. I just pray my health stays fine and I can find the strength to workout.

Good night, it’s already pretty late.

Ps : it’s getting cold 🙂



  1. Andy · November 14

    Hope you got a good sleep Dipti. I have been told it’s getting colder up north. Am flying in to Delhi later this week and your blog was a timely reminder for me to carry enough insulation for the cold. 🙂

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  2. Pooja G · November 15

    Have a good night. It’s getting quite old here too.

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