January 1 : The Predicament

It’s only morning, not the end of the day. I am going to begin this year on this space with a heartfelt wish for you and I that we heal this year, deeply and completely. I have things on my mind, all blurry. There’s a notion that it gets darkest before the dawn and last night facing my darkest hour after an ongoing loop of darkness within, I felt I’m done with everything. I know, what a morbid thing for a person to feel on a new year’s Eve, surrounded by family – people who genuinely wish for your best and are eager cheerleaders. But there I was, yet again, failing to recognise my bliss, my privileged life, my strengths and companions. There I was, yet again, smiling for a happy picture but wondering when will it all end. One thing was different last night though – I opened up about my predicament not giving a fuck how it’s going to be perceived. I got a couple of genuine hugs..and I’ll hold these humans closer this year.

Let’s raise a toast to healing from within. Happy New Year ❤️

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