January 2 : Setting The Tone

So yesterday was pretty laidback and easy, it was a Sunday and also the first day of a new year when you kind of are pumped up to set the vibe for an entire year of 365 days right. It’s also true that the craze dies down by the 5th or the 6th. Here, I talk only about myself. If you relate..hi5.

So yeah, yesterday, after our people left for their homes around noon after a scrumptious breakfast that was thankfully ordered in, me and Varun started a major LazyingAroundFiesta of eating, drinking and watching TV in bed, that lasted till the clock struck twelve midnight to bring in this new day. I eventually got restless because of resting and we moved to sleep.. hahaha.

So yeah, a full blown LazyingAroundFiesta. No, I’m not doing it for an entire year. I have some aspirations and expectations from myself this year unlike most of the years. Could it be a game changer? Well, let’s see.. I don’t have any plan laid out yet but the intentions are definitely solid and the priorities are crystal fucking clear.

Have a nice day today ✨

– Dipti


  1. Andy · January 2

    Wish you too a nice today Dipti

    Liked by 1 person

  2. esotericphoenix · January 2

    Aah the joy of doing nothing and let time just pass us by! 🙂 Sundays should always be this idyllic or not at all!

    Have a fantastic year ahead Dip-Tea c(_) cheers!

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