January 3 : Hormonally Harmonious

Could it be because it’s the new year or that my period is over and I’m hormonally in a harmonious place? Whatever the reason, I’m in a healthy mind space since two days and after a challenging December, this actually feels so good; like a dark cloud has moved out of my sight.

I’m making efforts too, but I’d rather talk about them after a week of practice. No big talk this year, only actions – big or small.

It’s the third of January today, cold and foggy outside. I really hope the sunshine is stronger today. God knows my body craves for it. What’s the agenda of the day? Hmm. Let’s transfer those photos and resume the book. The target this year is 25 books in 12 months and the current score is zero. So let’s get going. Reading is something I will never stop and after a successful 2021, I intend to do it with a stronger zeal this year.

As far as my photography is concerned, it needs serious attention. More about that later. ✨

Have a wonderful day!

— Dipti


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