Baby’s day out

It’s so crowded. So many people, so many people up to something or the other. Completely different from the other yet similar in ways that make them feel like home under the same sky.

Just on one road, as I walked for twenty minutes from point A to point B, I came across similar looking people crowding at four different spots. Gurudwara, Hanuman Temple, a mosque..a movie hall. Same beating hearts, same wishful painful, hopeful eyes. On the road I saw humans inside the safety of their cars – big and small. On the same road I saw old women and men begging for money for a cup of tea. I didn’t have change so I offered an orange. She didn’t seem thrilled. Guess she was a chai addict like me. I also need only chai when I’m tired..or even to wake up. It gets tiring to sleep a lot too. Funny, isn’t it?

Now I’m in a popular coffee shop, yeah Starbucks. I had my lunch here, I used the powder room and the WiFi. Then I spent a good time not using the free WiFi..because I always carry a book along. Perfect. It’s a date with myself after all, and not Instagram or Twitter.

The woman on the left is using the WiFi though..she’s working. I guess she feels this stuffed coffee shop with non stop conversations going on twenty other tables is a better environment to focus on her work than a quiet cubicle somewhere. To be honest, I’d prefer this too. There are people who feel more comfortable in a crowded setting that allows them to be by themselves at the same time. That’s a coffee shop. I managed some good reading as well..compared to how much I read in my home alone. I love my home!! But I end up being more productive when I am not home. Hmm. Also, I managed to walk 15,000 steps today. *abrupt ending*


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