About Me

The fact that I decided to fill an “about-me” for the blog makes me snigger. The fact that you opened this page makes me feel almost guilty for leading you here and give nothing away.

And that is all “about me” right now.

Oh, I am a “right here right now” kind of a person. Also, a short term memory. So the past is gone, the future is in the present.

No I am not “anonymous”, my name is Dipti Malhotra. I am in my beautiful thirties, been paying my itsy bitsy bills through a hobby that turned into my profession – photography. I enjoy writing A LOT, works like therapy. I am a soul junkie.. a listener, an observer, a lover.

I live in India & intend to stay. I am a citygirl, much in love with laughter and music. My husband is cute – life is good.

More, in the blog – as I pour, as you devour.



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