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As openly and honestly. As often as we feel the urge to.   Speak.   Do you know what’s attractive? A bare naked soul.   Transparency. I like transparency. There’s innocence in transparency, and that’s a rarity. Who does not like “rare”?   So what is the blog about? It’s a vague idea right now. That’s what it is.   I talk here. I would love it if you talk back – with your name or your anonymity, does not matter – to me.   For now, that’s about it.



5 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. Dipti – your comment on my post, pulled me here to check you… well…your blog out (and you too a little – you’ll have to admit, we’re all a bit curious)
    I’m glad I can find a space I can read ‘heart-felt thoughts’ and not just random opinions on social topics.
    Have a wonderful day ahead. Hope to keep in touch.

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